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Welcome to the Gower Area Chamber of Commerce. The Gower Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2017 to support and promote local businesses within the Gower area.  The Mission of the Gower Area Chamber of Commerce is to encourage and promote a positive, balanced, vital economy and preserve those unique qualities that are good for business and make Gower a very special place in which to live and work. 

Through the efforts of Chamber members, we promote Gower in a multitude of ways annually.  These include:

  • The Gower Area Chamber of Commerce meets monthly to discuss ideas and events that will promote local business and support our Mission Statement.

  • We sponsor the “Gower Community Christmas” held in the Gower City Park each December. 

  • We honor a “Gower Person of the Year” for someone who stands out as a special community member and someone who represents the attributes of our mission statement. This award is presented at the “Gower Community Christmas” event annually.

  • The Chamber promotes local business through our “Shop Gower” campaign each Fall/Winter.  Through this campaign our patrons are given tickets for supporting local businesses.  During the “Gower Community Christmas” event, tickets are drawn to allow our local patrons to win prize baskets filled with items donated by Chamber members.

  • We support students in our school district by designing and selling merchandise that recognizes their achievements in sports and other extracurricular activities.  Profits from the sale of this merchandise provides funding for scholarships that the Chamber presents annually at the East Buchanan High School Graduation Ceremony.

  • We continually support and recognize local businesses by naming a “Business of the Month” each month throughout the year.  This includes local publicity through our website, local media, and a sign in front of their business.

  • The Chamber sponsors many other events, advertising, and outreach projects within the Gower area each year to promote our community as a very special place in which to live and work.  We are continually looking to push our mission and improve our community.

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The Gower Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of local businesses and active community organizations who share the common goal of promoting commerce throughout the Gower Area. As a member of the Gower Area Chamber of Commerce, businesses not only join an organization of like-minded individuals and resources, but they also receive many other benefits such exposure to larger online audiences, an included webpage on the GACC website, monthly meetings featuring guest speakers, the opportunity to be highlighted as the featured business of the month but and many other marketing and networking opportunities.



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